Guest Customer Support

Uploading Photos

Can I send lots of photos in one go?

Yes - our bulk image uploader for pcs and macs allows you to upload 100's of photos in one go. The bulk uploader needs a modern browser to run such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Downloading Photos

How do I download photos

All the photos sent to the site are stored at their full hi-res size. To download photos the wedding couple will need to have subscribed to one of our upgrade plans (Gold or Platinum). Once their account is upgraded you can download individual photos by clicking on the icon. Individual photos are send to your device as a .jpg file at full size.

You can also download entire albums by clicking the "download" button within an album. For your convenience you will be able to download all the photos as hi-res (great for printing) or lo-res versions (suitable for Facebook etc.). Album downloads will be sent to you as a .zip file which contains all the photos in it. If you do not have a program to open zip files already jzip is a good choice.

Arranging Albums & Sorting Photos

Can I change the order of photos in an album?

Yes - we provide quite a few sorting options so that you can see your photos arranged beautifully. When you click into an album you will see a little drop down menu to the top left of the page after \"Show photos uploaded by:\". This menu list all the ways you can arrange photos. You can sort by:"

1) JUST ADDED - When the photos were uploaded (so that you can easily see new additions)

2) TIME TAKEN - When the photo was taken. Please note that not all photos save the date/time they were taken but this will allow you to see the days events as they unfolded.

3) TAKEN BY - Just the photos sent to you by a particular guest.