Simple ways for wedding guests to take better photos

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Share this guide with your wedding guests to make the most out of their candid snaps.

The beauty of Wedding Photo Swap is that you get to see hundreds – or even thousands – more moments from your wedding day – and trust us, once the day has passed, you will be so excited you won’t want to feel like you missed a moment! From Great Aunt Mary’s impromptu dance floor performance to the laughter shared at your liveliest table of friends, these candid snapshots are invaluable.

While we can’t promise every picture taken by your guests will be picture-perfect, we can guarantee they will capture those spontaneous moments you might have otherwise missed. If you have friends or family members who have an eye for photography, consider sharing this guide with them to help them capture the very best candid shots of your special day.

Tips for wedding guests to capture the best photos

Don’t follow the photographer

The professional photographer has meticulously set up each shot, and while it’s tempting to replicate their work, remember that the subjects’ focus will be on them, not you. Instead, use this opportunity to capture moments the photographer might miss. These candid shots often become the most treasured memories for the couple. 

Take photos of your fellow guests

A wedding is one of the rare occasions where a couple’s entire family and friends gather in one place, making it truly special. While it’s important to capture moments of the couple, don’t forget to photograph the guests. So yes, catch some snaps of the happy couple but actually the groom’s BFF dancing with his best pal’s nan is also a fun moment to treasure.

Capture moments the couple won’t have seen

The wedding couple can’t be everywhere at once. Why not document your journey to the venue, the fun had at your dinner table, or the candid interactions during the reception. These behind-the-scenes glimpses provide the couple with a fuller picture of their day from multiple perspectives.

Get creative!

With Wedding Photo Swap, guests can upload unlimited photos and videos, giving you the freedom to get creative. Focus on capturing the little details that make the wedding unique—those decorations, the carefully chosen centrepieces, or the joy on everyone’s faces during the first dance.

Be respectful

Remember to be mindful of the professional photographer’s space and the couple’s privacy. Avoid taking photos during intimate moments unless you’re sure it’s appropriate. Also, be cautious not to block the photographer’s shot, especially during key moments like the vows or first kiss.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to contribute meaningful and beautiful photos to the wedding album. These candid shots will complement the professional photographs, offering the couple a rich tapestry of memories from their special day. So, get ready, get creative, and start capturing those unforgettable moments.

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